Phill Hopkins in Lost

Phill Hopkins will be included in ‘Lost’ curated by Michele Whiting at Salisbury Arts Centre. He will show a series of ten drawings from 1985 that have never been shown before.

What if you could unpick history?
Lost is an exhibition of 'lost' artworks from the 20th Century, an artistic archaeology of the recent past.
The show explores the idea that what gets written into art history may only be the tip of the iceberg. It delves beneath the surface to a mass of overlooked and forgotten possibilities and creations.

Phill Hopkins writes about the work:
“On 22 August 1985 British Airtours passenger flight 28M was stopped from taking off at Manchester Airport, due to engine failure and a fire. 82 of the 131 passengers escaped. 54 passengers perished, many due to inhalation of toxic smoke which had seeped into the fuselage.
I watched TV news coverage of this event. I remember being struck by the size of this machine, pathetically slumped on the runway like a beached whale. Broken, blackened, surrounded by thick smoke, ladders and fire crew.
From memory I quickly made the 10 drawings. These were the first images of areoplanes that I made; I would revisit similar images again 4 or 5 years later, when I made a large body of work focused on the first Gulf War.
For the past 29 years the drawings have remained in a box file and have never left my studio; very few people have seen them.”

21 August to 28 September 2014
Salisbury Arts Centre, Bedwin Street, Salisbury SP1 3UT UK